Live like it's the last day

Live like it's the last day


What will happen today, tomorrow, or next week ? None of us can tell. Maybe today we can laugh, but tomorrow we might be able to cry. This is the secret of the Divine. Therefore be aware in every moment. Do not just pray only when when you are in a bad state. Always pray in all things to let God to intervene in whatever we will experience. Every day always try to live as if today is the last day of our lives so that we do as he chooses, and always please Him.

No one knows exactly when His time coming. He often described coming like a thief in the night. Although at this present moment of time many has been trying to predict the return of Jesus to this world, but once again confirmed that no one else is knowing the truth, because no one knows, not even the angels themselves were also not knowing when the time He is coming back to the world.

Oneday I was thinking that this life is a race, and in a race where there are 2 types of winners, the clean winners and dirty winners. As His children we should be a clean winner, meaning that we follow all the routes and rules that have been predestines. Walk in a straight path, the path walkin deviate from the provisions contained in the Word of God so that when His time comes, we can be responsible for all of them before the Lord.

But on the other hand there is also the type of winner with a winding road (gross), which veered away from the path God has set. For example like stealing, corruption, bribery, gambling, go to shamans, and other crimes. They exchange the eternal salvation with temporary lust.

On the day of His return to world, they will be left behind and ready to receive their reward. Are you ready for the day of judgment ? The day when all of creations will be judged according to their deeds. If their names are found in the book of life, then they will reign with Him. But if their names are not found in the book of life, then they will get a share in the eternal hellfire.

For it is always be on your guard ! Act as if today is the last day of our life in the world , so that all what we listen, think, speak, and what we do displeasing to Him.

"Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." (Matthew 24: 44)

In all circumstances, always pray that God will intervene in whatever we will experience.

God bless us all, Amen.

Thank you, you've just read a reflection on "Live like it's the last day". Think back to the words of God, and try to think and understand about His work in your life. May this be a blessing in your life as well.