Why should we go to the church ?

Why should we go to church ?

Why do we have to go to church to worship? Some people say that Sunday is the opportunity to sleep late, breakfast with the relaxing, and spending time with family. It is also able to gather and have lunch with friends or playing with the kids. "Make Sunday a day to relax," according to some suggestions. "but do not waste your time by going to church to worship on Sunday."

Worship? Who needs worship? We all need it! We need to worship because we are unique creatures in God's likeness. We were created to do God's will, and we will not be able to achieve the goal if not establish a right relationship with Him. In worship we will be more easy to achieve, because we will be focusing on God.

When we join our brothers others in the church, our hearts are "moved" from the temporary to the eternal world of God. According to William Temple, as we worship our conscience by the holiness of God is on our minds stuffed full of the truth of God, our imaginations are cleaned by the glory of God, our hearts are open to receive the love of God, and we will be devoted to the purposes of God. Thus, we are helped to achieve the goal, which is to be like God.

Let us take the decision that every Sunday we will always be in the church with a heart that is ready to serve God.

"Wait on the Lord, Be strong and courageous! Yes, wait for the Lord!" (Psalm 27: 14)

A note from the editor :
"Who do you worship will determine what will you become in the future."

Thank you, you've just read a reflection on "Why should we go to the church ?". Think back to the word of God, and understand His work in your life. May this be a blessing in your life as well.