Land Acquisition for Church

Welcome to the weblog of the Bali Isa Almasih Pentecostal Church which we devote to support our preach in Bali island.

We started the way of our preach in Bali island in the in the year of 1989 by forming a small group for praying together in the countryside of Sempidi in Badung regency.

Then in the year 1991 we accept the devoting blessing in the form of church building which were located in perumnas monang-maning Denpasar as our medium of our preach.

Mrs. Ester Ariny Chandra Sutedja then suggested to found a nursery school as a mean to give the competent base education to the children of brothers and sisters in Christ and to give support especially in educational fund support to the orphanage, children of the widows, and to the children of the needy people who do not afford to fulfill their own educational fund needs so that their children could have better education in future.

By the year of 1991, we start to join in The Synode of Isa Almasih Pentacostal Church ( Synode Gereja Pantekosta Isa Almasih ). We feel our preach in Bali island is progressively better.

But at the early year of 2003 we start to feel the test from God when our Church, where we used to pray, had re-asked from us by the heir of the one who have dedicated the church to us many yearto s ago, although we had used the Church together to pray and worship the God for many years.

Starting from that moment, we removed our church into a narrow room which we usually use as the car garage and our warehouse beside our leased residence.

At the present time, The Church service activities conducted at the Bali Isa Almasih Pentecostal Church ( GPIA Bali ) such as :

1. Public worship every Sunday morning
  • Sunday School ( kids worship )
  • Public Worship
  • Conduct prayer meeting at the home of each member of the church in turn
2. Personal service
Is a service provided by the pastor of the Bali Isa Almasih Pentecostal Church and assisted by a team of service. Personal services include counseling, release service, baptism, marriage blessings, prayers for the member of the Bali Isa Almasih Pentecostal Church (Bali GPIA) as well as general church events held outside of worship on every Sunday morning.

3. Social services
 Bali Isa Almasih Pentecostal Church (GPIA Bali) is also working with the Persekutuan Doa Sarfat to hold a joint prayer meeting in each month and also carry out prayer requests to the Correctional Institution (Prison) of Kerobokan Bali to give moral support and spiritual services to our brothers and sisters who are becoming members at the Correctional Institution (Prison).

4. Longing for our services in the future
We also have long had a desire and dreams to provide spiritual services to the elderly in the area around where we serve, and also to share the insights of knowledge, particularly in terms of mastery of computer technology and the Internet, to the servants of God who are in remote countryside, so that with the additional knowledge, the servants of God who are in remote rural areas can communicate with the servants of God in other areas more effectively and efficiently, so that the service work of the Lord may run more smoothly.

Through all these problems, God had taught us to be strong, we always believe that God will never leave the us.

Although now we don't have any fund yet to buy a land and build a new Church, we will never lose hope that God is always hear our pray and He will make a way for us.

Anticipating the term of the lease of the church that will expire in 2015, Church Land Acquisition and Building Committee established by the Bali Pentecostal Church has begun its work.

We planned to acquire about two hundreds of square metres (200m2) land where our church is located.

Some moments ago, the owner of the land had offered us to buy the land where our church is. What makes us more interested is that the Head Chief of the village support our activity and the community also accept and welcome us to their community as well.

Would You willing to help us ?

We felt that the people sorround us support us although we stay at custom community and its a grace from the God that we can easily get permittion to worship the God in this area. Even the Head Chief of the villages is willing to help us by supporting our worship activities in that area, it was a miracle from God to us.

We already saw the beginning of God's grace to our efforts.

  1. Funds Needed  :    Rp. 539.700.000,00 ($ 55742.37 USD) 
  2. Funds Collected :
  • as of Jan 20' 2013 :  Rp. 3.354.500,00 ($ 346.47 USD)
  • Church Members Commitment :  Rp. 2.774.500,00 ($ 286.56 USD)
  • Balance :  Rp.  6.129.000,00 ($ 633.03 USD)

From the human point of view this might be impossible but the we felt confident this can be realized because of God that we worship is rich and the owner of everything.

Through the blessings that have been entrusted to the brothers and sisters, now is the time we show our willingness to assist this project through which you can channel the funds through the accounts of the Church as follows:

Account No : 140-190-1921

We really proud to have brothers and sisters in God like you, who also believe that : MY CHURCH IS YOUR CHURCH AND MY GOD IS YOUR GOD, everythings come from Him and only for His glory.

Should you have any queries about Bali Pentecostal Church you can visit Us at our website Bali Isa Almasih Pentecostal Church or email us at

We are really grateful for your participation on pray and everythings.

Jesus Christ bless us all, Amen.

"Then shall He answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of there, ye did it not to me." Matthew 25 : 45